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Candy Cane Illustrator Pattern Brushes


What’s this?

This is a set of candy cane pattern brushes for Adobe Illustrator. To use them, simply draw a path, apply the brush and the design is ready, with just a few clicks. Yes, it’s that easy! What are pattern brushes, you ask? Well, a pattern brush acts like a normal art brush, but instead of stretching its contents to fit the path, it will tile it into a seamless pattern.

Why do I need this set?

You can quickly create a candy-like type treatment, create decorations and frames for your illustrations, without having to buy a full set of candy canes or hire someone to do it for you. Even if you do draw them yourself, it would chew alot of time and effort, which you could use doing more important stuff (keep in mind, time is the only resource you can’t refund!). So why not save some time and download these brushes? They’re free with the bundle!

What’s for grabs?

  • one file containing the brushes shown in the preview
  • a readme file with intalling instructions and frequently asked questions.


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