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Complete Set of Mock-up Templates

What’s this?

It’s a set of 12 mock-up sets usable with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended or newer. The 3D effect is built using 2D shapes with perspective grids created with “Vanishing Point”, to make sure the image will be as accurate as possible.

Why do I need it?

So you don’t have to create them yourself, of course. This is just tedious, straining work that doesn’t yield rewarding results, just a few images. Okay, they do look nice, but how much time you need to spend to achieve the same quality? And there are more important tasks pending and those should be your top priority – that’s why they’re important! So why not spare yourself a few days of work and buy this set instead? It’s at a very low price and you can use it in future projects, as well!

What’s for grabs?

  • .psd files with the mock-ups shown in the preview


NOTE: There are instructions inside the .psd files.


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I agree! Great theme! Just a few small bugs for the Blogger version. One I see is that the most recnet Tweet runs off the edge of the bottom of the box when the tweet is too long. Any way to make the blue box a little bigger (I’m not a CSS programer but I can get by). Also I noticed that the font is a little too big and a really big bug is that hyperlinks are always a font size too big. If I could fix these bugs, I’d have a perfect blogger template. I understand you’re working on it, but any help with these by the community would be appreciated!

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Jul.31, 2013
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