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New on DesignTNT: Textures, PS Brushes & Actions, Vector Sets and More!

The holidays are closing in and we here at know how hard is to create beautiful designs and think about presents in the same time. That’s why we’re trying to ease your work as much as possible.

We’ve been working lately on some new and wonderful design resources that will definitely help you a lot. We’ve uploaded some new products such as: Christmas Trees Vectors, Easter Vector Elements, Textures, Photoshop Brushes and many more!

With these products the DesignTNT Bundle expanded even more, now containing over $2,233 worth of design resources but remaining at the same price – only $49! Don’t waste your time and money creating or buying all these items one by one and get a subscription now, it’s much more convenient!

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Christmas Trees Vector Set 1

This is a set of 24 beautiful Christmas trees, just perfect for winter illustrations, posters, websites or to promote various events during the holidays. They come with an EXTENDED license, and at such a low price, it’s a great deal. And it’s right at your fingertips!


Easter Elements Vector Set 1

With it, you can quickly create designs for any purposes. The whole idea of the set is to create top quality artwork with minimum of effort, within a very small time limit – say goodbye to deadlines! Of course, you could draw them yourself, but why should you encumber yourself with such tedious tasks, when there are more important stuff to do?


Blank Paper Sheets Vector Set 1

We believe a set of stock elements must be useful, rather than complex. That is why we avoid encumbering each element with unnecessary details, so you can use them as a secondary element in your own designs. The whole purpose of the set is to complete those small tasks that chew up alot of time and effort. Go ahead, download and try them out.


Calendar Mock-ups Vector Set 1

With this set, you can add a personal touch to designs or websites. Of course, you could draw these yourself, but think how much time you’d spend, and let’s face it, time doesn’t get any refunds. So why not use this set instead? Not only you’d save time, but you can also move on to more important tasks. Download now!


Doodle Symbols PS Brushes Set 1

With this set, you can add a touch of personality to your websites, to presentations and infographics. The doodled effect constrasts with the clean and organized designs, it’s the perfect way to create professional designs, but with a friendlier approach. Heck, we use them too to create the previews you see on this website! Go ahead, download and try them out!


Facebook Timeline Covers Set 1

This set it’s a great asset when you want to quickly create presentations, show your work or just want your Facebook page to look cooler. It’s very easy to use, it’s only a matter of copy-paste and save. All effects and croppings are automatically applied. Overall, you’ll finish an image in less than five minutes! Now, how cool is that?


Photo Frames PS Mock-up

It’s a set of mock-up photo frames for Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer. What it does? It adds cool frames to your images, fast and easy. And you don’t need any Photoshop skills to use it! A simple copy-paste and a save is just enough knowledge to get your way around.


Infographic Vector Elements

It’s a set of 67 vector infographic elements, usable with Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw. Each element is scalable and fully editable. The simple design will allow you to quickly tweak each element, as well as to use them in a large variety of styles.


Horizontal PS Dividers Set 2

When it comes to big projects, these dividers are but a small fraction from the pile of tasks you need to complete. Spending time drawing these yourself would only chew more time, and let’s face it, time spent doesn’t get refunds. So why not get it over quickly, use this set instead and move on to the important tasks?


Painted Text Effect PS Actions

It’s a set of four Photoshop effects made from .psd templates and actions, designed to create painted effects for your text. It quickly and easily creates effects that normally would take you hours to do yourself. Its sole purpose is to save you some time, and at such a low price, it’s totally worth it. Of course, you could draw these yourself, but think of how much time you’d waste on graphic details, when there are much more important tasks to do.


Cracks PS Brushes Set 2

With this set, you can quickly create backgrounds, add texture to web elements or to digital artwork, as well as create aged effects for various objects. Each brush is at max resolution (close to 2500 px), which means you can also use them for printed designs.


Concrete PS Brushes Set 1

It’s a set of 15 high-resolution concrete brushes for Adobe Photoshop. To use them, simply double-click the .ABR file provided and your brushes are ready to be used, right in the Brushes palette (F5).


Wood Backgrounds Set 1

This is a set containing 9 high-resolution wood textures, all above 2000 x 4000 px. They’re great for web backgrounds, grungy effects for digital drawing, illustrations, prints and much more.


Road Paint Textures Set 1

This is a set containing 21 high-resolution road paint textures, all above 6000 x 4000 px at 240 dpi. They’re great for web backgrounds, grungy effects for digital drawing, illustrations, prints and much more.

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