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New on DesignTNT: Textures, Text Styles, Brushes, Vectors & More

As a designer, you always search for new design resources that will help you finish your projects fast, but without sacrificing the quality.

We all love filling our design libraries with huge amounts of premium resources, but this activity can be pretty expensive. That’s why the guys from DesignTNT are trying to create only top-quality resources at affordable prices.

And today’s not an exception. We’ve updated our design library with 10 new design goodies that will help you save both time and money! Among the new resources you will find lots of high-resolution textures, retro text styles, retro web buttons, progress trackers, halftone PS brushes, grunge PS brushes and more!

So don’t waste your time and money creating these resources from scratch or purchasing them one by one. You can take the whole bundle which now has a whapping $3241 worth of design resources for just $49 and enjoy it as much as you want!

Let’s see what’s new:

Leather Textures Set 2

It’s a set of 15 top quality, high-res leather textures, ready to be used in prints and web alike. Also, each image is at 300 dpi, because you need only the best.


Cracked Ground Texture Set 3

It’s a set of 10 high-resolution cracked ground textures, ready for you to download and use in your work. Each image is at least 4000 x 2000 px at 300 dpi, you’ll be able to use them in both web and large prints, without losing quality in the process.


Retro Text Styles Set 2

It’s a set of Retro styles for you to download and use in your designs. Each style is also scalable and you can use it for any layer type: vector, smart object, shape layer, raster or text.


Rusted Text Styles for Photoshop

It’s a set of rusted text styles, designed to quickly and easily apply rust effects to any type text, of any font. This is particularly useful when you have a huge project and the text effects you have to create chew up so much time, you can’t handle the important tasks and the project won’t be ready on time.


Retro Web Buttons

It’s a set of 20 top quality Retro download buttons usable with Adobe Photoshop. Each button is build with a specific set of effects, and you can save them for future use, in other projects. It’s like a 2-in-1 products, but at a very low price.


Manga Boys Vector Set

It’s a manga boy character creation kit, usable with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Now you, too can create your own unique character, with thousands of possible combinations of hair, eyes, mouths and accessories.


Color Wheel Vector Set

It’s a set of vector color wheels to serve both as guides and elements for illustrations and design manuals. You can open the source files using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. And yes, they are very tedious in the drawing process, you shouldn’t start drawing these yourself.


Grunge Photoshop Brushes Set 3

It’s a set of 15 grungy brushes for Adobe Photoshop. Each brush is max size (2500 px) and can be used in both prints and web. To load them into the Brushes palette, double-click the .ABR file provided.


Halftone Ps Brushes Set 2

It’s a set of 15 high resolution halftone brushes for Adobe Photoshop. Each brush is max size (2500 px) and can be used in both prints and web. To load them into Photoshop’s Brushes palette, double-click the .ABR file provided.


Progress Trackers Web Elements

It’s a set of 12 clean progress tracker designs, usable with Adobe Photoshop. Why progress trackers? Well, it’s called “tracker” for a reason: it makes a process more eligible, be it a purchase, a registration form or any other set of actions that require more than three steps to complete. It’s particularly useful for the end user, who can easily return to any step when he’s made a mistake – makes your website trustworthy and viewers are more likely to come back for another purchase.

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