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Doodle Symbols PS Brushes Set 1

What’s this?

It’s a set of 115 high-resolution hand-drawn elements brushes for Adobe Photoshop. To use them, simply double-click the .ABR file provided and your brushes are ready to be used, right in the Brushes palette (F5). Download now!

Why do I need this set?

With this set, you can add a touch of personality to your websites, to presentations and infographics. The doodled effect constrasts with the clean and organized designs, it’s the perfect way to create professional designs, but with a friendlier approach. Heck, we use them too to create the previews you see on this website! Go ahead, download and try them out!

What’s for grabs?

  • four .ABR files containing the brushes shown in the preview



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One Response


Hi, We used your shattered glass brhesus for our new Windows Phone 7 App, Cracked Phone. To see screen shots of the apps, you will need either Zune or a Windows Phone 7. To credit you, we added a link to this website directly on the discription of the app. This way, all Windows Phone 7 marketplace customers can see a link to your website (which, by the way, is awesome!). Here is the full app description as seen in the Windows Marketplace:Cracked PhoneThe ultimate cracked phone application! Trick your friends into thinking your new Windows Phone 7 is already cracked. This app allows you to touch anywhere on the phone screen to create the illusion that your phone is cracked. Additionally features a Windows Blue Screen of Death background for even more fun. The shattered glass brhesus used for this application were kindly provided by . Thanks again and if you download the app, please let us know what you think.-FlickyFlocky Customer Support

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Nov.21, 2012
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