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Extreme Textures Set 3

What’s this?

This set contains 30 high-resolution extreme textures, with high levels of detail and various shapes. We’ve tried them in our own projects and we can assure you, this set is excellent! Each image is at least 4000 x 2800 px at 240 dpi, you will be able to use them in prints and illustrations, with high quality results.

Why do I need this set?

Free textures are either low resolution, or don’t have the same level of detail a premium one can offer you. With this set, you can’t go wrong, there are 15 unique textures and 15 others ready to be used. Why should you spend hours after hours looking for free quality textures when you can have this whole set at such a low price?

Download and try them now!

What’s for grabs?

  • 30 high-resolution .jpg files


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bouhedadja khaled

EXTREME textures ! that’s the right name for the right content

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Nov.15, 2012
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