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In Freepik the love of freebies makes things easier for designers and developers. Freepik’s founder created the search locator to solve the problems he had as a designer, looking in dozen webs to find a free resource, and the same thing happens with CSSMatic, the free CSS3 toolkit, it was created to save time, to solve problems on the daily work a web designer. Now Freepik’s team wants to design without limits, and they launch Flat Icon, a free web tool that lets you look for the icon you need and, at this point, gives you different options: add to webfont, download as an SVG and download as a PNG.

What makes Flat Icon special is how easy is to convert the icon into a web font, and the possibility to add as many icons as you want, with no limits (Do you remember what we have said just a few lines above? Using webfont instead of picture files, the web can run a 14% faster. You can also assure you a proper display on retina screens and a easiest edition with CSS.

Right now, Flat Icon contains nearly 3000 files, all made by Freepik’s team, even though the idea is to increase that number to become a reference icons web and the one with more free icon files.

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