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Halftones PS Brushes Set 1

What’s this?

This is a set of high-resolution halftone brushes for Adobe Photoshop. There’s a total of 27 brushes, all close to max size (close to 2500 px). We’ve covered every style of halftones: dashed lines, squares, circles, rotated squares, all with various grid and polar placements. It’s an extremely useful set and you should download it now.

Why do I need this set?

With it, you cam create gradient effects with a minimum number of colors. This is extremely useful especially for t-shirt designs or other prints that limit the number of colors to a maximum of 10. Also, creating backgrounds and clean illustrations is now a walk in the park: with just a few clicks, you can create a classy vignette effect, or create focal points, or a “drop shadow” without using 200 tones of gray. And they look fantastic! Download now, it’s free with the bundle!

What’s for grabs?

  • one .ABR file containing the brushes shown in the preview

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Oct.24, 2012
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