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Horizontal PS Dividers Set 2

What’s this?

It’s a set of 25 web horizontal dividers, packed in an organized Photoshop .PSD file. Each divider has editable features and can be moved around freely. To use them, simply drag-and-drop them onto your design and align them. It’s so easy, it’s foolproof!

Why do I need it?

When it comes to big projects, these dividers are but a small fraction from the pile of tasks you need to complete. Spending time drawing these yourself would only chew more time, and let’s face it, time spent doesn’t get refunds. So why not get it over quickly, use this set instead and move on to the important tasks? And at such a low price, it’s totally worth buying it!

What’s for grabs?

  • one .PSD file with the dividers shown in the preview


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2 Responses


I was worried about buinyg this tent without any reviews posted, but I decided to take the chance anyway. Hopefully my review can help someone else out. I have not been camping in this tent yet, but it is currently set up in my back yard taking on the rain as we speak. First of all, the tent was very well packed and protected in a great bag when it arrived. The instructions said that two adults were required for assembly, but all I had was my four-year-old son. The instructions for assembly are sewn into the bag, so you cannot lose them! I set my son to work assembling the poles which he did with ease since they all have a cord inside that helps snap them together. The parts are not labeled, but they make sense for assembly anyway. After sorting all of the poles, I rolled the tent out onto a tarp base that I purchased to protect the bottom of the tent. We quickly inserted the poles into the top of the tent and had the main dome up in a matter of 10 minutes. After that, the rest of the assembly took only another 10 minutes, including the rain fly. The fly was a challenge to put on the tent with only one adult since the tent is so tall, but I managed to get it in place. So far, the rain fly is my only concern because after securing it in place, it caused the two smaller rooms on the back side of the tent to deform slightly. I did not mark this rating down however, as after looking at it, my back yard is somewhat unlevel, and I believe that is the cause for this deformation. I will report back after I have had a chance to assemble later on level ground on our first camping trip. I have to say that walking into this tent for the first time was a real treat. This is the first tent I have ever owned which allowed me to stand upright inside. The two smaller rooms on the back side are shorter, however, I think most people will use these rooms for storage. The room divider runs parallel with the front door of the tent, with a single zipper that runs from top to bottom in the middle. The two halves of the divider separate and tie up at the sides so you can comfortably walk underneath. It looks like the 17.5 foot wide back half of the tent will comfortably accomodate two queen sized air mattresses, which is what we plan to put inside. This leaves the front half of the tent to put our other items. Of course you will be able to set the interior up however you would like. There are little pockets all over the inside of the tent which will allow us to stow smaller items like keys, phones, kids toys, or even shoes. As far as the build of the tent is concerned, it seems well made with good solid materials and craftsmanship. The floor is not a solid piece, however, it is a sonic-welded polyethylene floor and I have no reason to believe that the welded seams would ever leak. As I said above the tent has been out in rainy conditions for five hours now. Even without seam sealer, the tent has only one very small leak in the back, and that leak has amounted to about half the size of a dollar bill. Not bad for steady rainfall. I will be buinyg a seam sealing kit soon and taking care of all of the seams inside. Once that is done, I think this tent will be everything we need and more for a family of four.

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