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The Importance of Beautiful Web Typography

When you are designing a webpage or blog, or other contribution to the world wide web, it is incredibly important that you consider the typography of your composition. Although it would be easier to just throw some words or ideas on a page, that is not the most effective way of sharing.

Having great typography on your site can be the difference between people coming back, or not staying around at all! It also has a good deal of effect on the way you are perceived by those who happen upon your site. Poor website typography can definitely be harmful to your business and you reputation.

What is web typography?

Web typography is a name given to how information is arranged and displayed. There are a few aspects that have a great deal of influence over this including:

●      The font that is chosen.

●      The color scheme that is used.

●      The spacing between characters and lines of the text.

These are all factors that can be controlled and manipulated thanks to modern technology and the right combinations will yield you an eye-pleasing piece of work.

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There are so many fonts that are available today, and technology has increased to the point where they can easily be displayed. This can make it tempting to choose any old font that looks cool; however, not all fonts are suitable for use in all applications–you wouldn’t want a professional site using bubble text as that would clearly put their professionalism into question…unless it was a professional site for a clown, but you get the idea. There are numerous font types for you to consider, you will definitely find one that suits your purpose. You will also want to take into consideration the size of text that you use. A larger sized text will make your composition easier to read, too small of a font size can be very tiresome and wearing on the eyes.

When choosing a font for online, always go with a sans serif font because it’s much easier to read online and flows nicely versus serif fonts on print. Of course some sans serif fonts go out of style in time so you will want to be sure the font you choose is not outdated. These are just a couple of the most popular fonts being used today. For a standard go-to font, try Myriad Pro which has been a popular font for years for companies such as Wells Fargo, Wal-Mart, and Apple. For a clean look, try Corbelwhich was created by Microsoft web designers for its detailed legibility. However, if you want a font that grabs attention, especially in the headlines, use BebasNeue. As an updated version of the Bebas font, it is heavier but retro classic as well.

Image source

Image source

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You may have a couple favorite colors and think that they will look great together, and maybe they do. The problem is that there may not be enough contrast between the colors, this can also make the text hard, if not near impossible, to read. This is the reason why black and white are a standard and favorable choice for colors.

Negative Space

Negative space is the white space that is left between words and lines. Leaving some space helps documents to look less cluttered and makes the item easier for the reader to follow and digest. Leaving a little white space is always a good idea, especially for longer or content heavy posts.

If you pay attention to all of these factors, you can catapult your web typography from undesirable to amazing. I you aren’t feeling too certain in your own abilities to create beautiful web typography, there are a number of service providers who will aid you in this. Many of them will help with content, layout and other search engine marketing tools. This can be a load off your mind and you will know it is done right. There is no point is wasting time that you could be using for other important tasks. These businesses exist to help you, so take advantage and increase the readership of your site by having a pleasing and reader friendly layout.

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