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New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!

We all know that as a graphic or web designer, you have too much to do and too little time. Sometimes even we wish that a day would last 48 hours, not 24. So, to save time, you need lots of resources and still manage to get the best quality there is.

And don’t forget to scroll down and take a look at our freebie: a set of 24 top-quality price tags which already has a great success among our visitors.

Checkout the previews and see it for yourself that these sets are a must-have in your collection:

Head-Up Ps Display Elements

This set contains 36 head-up display elements for websites and apps. The design is clean, suggestive and very easy to use. Simply select the desired item and click-drag the layer group onto your canvas.

We also wanted to make it as easy to use as possible, so we’ve organised each item into layer groups, labeled them and colored them accordingly. This way you will never lose track of the folder and it will be much easier to get through.

hud kit small2 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


3D Screen Presentation Ps Addons

This set of seven Photoshop actions will create the close-up photo effect of your monitor, taken from different angles. Simply take a screenshot, paste it into Photoshop and run one of the actions. This widget addon will help you make explicit presentations with specific details. It will create a 3D version of your website in a compact, stylish image that captures more features than your average screenshot. You will get an .ATN file with seven actions, a .PAT file with the screen texture and a readme.txt containing tips and tricks to tweak the effect!

3D screen presentations small2 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Certificate Vector Templates

This set contains 3 vector certificate templates and 19 elements to tweak it! This Vector Templates can be used for your school, college, organisation, business or just use it for fun.

To use, simply remove the placeholder text and replace it with your own and it’s ready to be used! The background elements are grouped separately form the removable text for a easier use

vector certificates small11 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Simple Retro Vector Badges

This set contains 8 vector clean badges with a Vintage look. The simple design will allow you to use them basically in any project, you can easily change the colors, apply vector and raster effects, use them as symbols, Map Art for 3D vector or anything you would think of!

Combine them with our Vintage Printletter Photoshop action if you want grungier badges and you will be amazed of the results!

simple retro badges small2 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Elegant Website UI Elements

This is a clean and stylish UI kit containing 32 clean and smooth items, such as buttons, navigation menus, breadcrumbs, login and contact forms, accordions, sliders, rating stars, radio buttons, check boxes and much more!

Each UI element is fully editable; you can easily tweak colors and shapes to fit in your design.

We’ve organized the layers into color groups and named them accordingly. It’s very easy to browse and select an element with no trouble whatsoever.

preview small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Drop Shadow Generator Photoshop Action

This action set will create 12 different Drop Shadow PS effects for boxes and work perfectly on any background. There are no particular Photoshop skills required and no extra addons. Simply load the selection and run the action!

preview shadow generator small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Web Design Patterns for Photoshop

This set contains 30 tillable Photoshop textures for websites, templates and themes, as well as subtle textures for your illustrations – and more! The set comes as a .PAT file, you’ll already have them sorted and ready for use. Simply download, double-click the .PAT file.

web design patterns small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Calligraphic Vector Ornaments

This set contains 23 calligraphic vector ornaments, perfect for vintage designs, restaurant and bar menus, website designs with a retro touch and more. Stop wasting time drawing them yourself, download and enjoy this set.

calligraphic ornaments 2 small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Complete Set of Web Ribbons PSD

This set contains 51 web ribbons in various colors, shapes and sizes: straight, feedback, corner, navigation, tags, bookmarks and web banners. Each ribbon is fully editable, you can change its size, font, texture, color and rotation. The .PSD file is organized into grouped layers labeled and colored accordingly.

web ribbons small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


HDR Image Effects Photoshop Action

Now you can easily change your average photos into professional, detailed and sharp images with just a few clicks. To use it, simply open your picture and run the action.

This action adds the HDR illusion and 12 effects to tweak it. You can also combine the effects by simply enabling the visibility of the layer groups and adjust the intensity by lowering their opacity.

HDR image action small11 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!


Free Price Tags PSD

This set contains 24 top-quality price tags you can use in website designs, product pages, mark new products, prices, special discounts or offers. Each tag is fully editable – you can change the text, the colors used, orientation and colors.

We believe that quality also needs usability, so we organized the .PSD file into organized colored groups and name accordingly. It will be very easy for you to browse through that many layers, just like a walk in the park. Enjoy!

free price tags small1 New Impressive Design Resources & Freebie from!

These are high-quality products at an unbeatable price and should be in every designer’s collection! Visit for more details!

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