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Photo Frames PS Generator

What’s this?

It’s a template for Adobe Photoshop, designed to quickly add frames to any photo. How does it work? We could say magic, but it’s just a smart object where you paste your image into. Easy as pie.

Why do I need it?

So you don’t have to create it yourself, of course. Don’t you have anything better to do, than to create a template for an image frame? Aren’t there more important thasks to complete, other than this one? Download this set now!

What’s for grabs?

  • .psd file with the template



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merry christmas, chic! our gronwig friendship has been a highlight of 2009 for me, and i can’t wait continue it in 2010! much happiness to you and yours,c, m & rps- santa couldn’t find you in pennsylvania, so he’ll be leaving your stocking stuffer in NYC.

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Nov.13, 2013
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