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Retro Web Elements Set 3

What’s this?

It’s a set of retro web elements designed to fulfill a specific task: to serve as a visual guide in a website design. How, you ask? Well, each element as a strong contrast, with vivid colors and a subtle texture. Place them in a clean website and you’ll notice how the focus goes to these elements, instead of going astray on some random background image. The set is not meant to seduce you into buying, it’s built to be useful.

Why do I need it?

So you don’t have to create it yourself, of course. At some point, you’ll be in a pinch with an overall design of a website. And if you’re working for a client, he’ll just pummel you with feedback, beating you to a pulp with designer-wannabe nonsense, and you won’t be able to do anything about it, since you’ve invested too much time and effort and want some form of payment in return.

However, there is a way to get by a lot easier: use presets and templates and make your life easier! Don’t go into that “uniqueness” thing, people want to see results, not hard work. And what we’re showing you here is an easier way to those results. Take it or leave it, your call!

What’s for grabs?

  • .psd file with the elements shown in the preview below



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Jul.09, 2013
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