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Sketch-it Up AI Action

What’s this?

This is a set of graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer for the sole purpose of adding a hand-drawing effect to any shape or text. To use it, simply select your text/shape and click the style you want. Yes, it’s that easy!

Why do I need this set?

It provides a really quick way of adding doodle effects to your designs in a matter of seconds, and there are 10 different styles to choose from. Yes, you do need this set to save time, and move on to more important tasks. Of course, you could do these yourself, but ask yourself this: is it worth to spend so much time for such an insignificant task, when they’re at such a low price, right at your fingertips? If your answer is “no”, then you should definitely download it, right now.

What’s for grabs?

  • one file containing all the graphic styles shown
  • instructions on how to install them into Adobe Illustrator


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Oct.19, 2012
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