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Stitched Leather Photoshop Addon

What’s this?

This is a Photoshop action designed to add a stitched leather effect to any text, vector shape or raster image. It’s extremely easy to use, even a 10-year old can do it!

Why do I need it?

You can quickly create amazing text styles in just a few seconds, with just a few clicks, and the best part, you don’t need any Photoshop skills to do it! And at such a low price, it’s surely worth it. Think about it for a sec, if you would spend time creating this action yourself, not only it will chew up tons of hours, but it will also push you into deadlines at a really fast pace. And there are no refunds for spent time!

So why not save yourself some time, effort and a headache with this set instead? It’s free, with the bundle!

What’s for grabs?

  • one .ATN file with the action
  • one .PAT file with the required pattern
  • one .ABR file with the required brushes

Works with Photoshop CS3 or newer


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7 Responses


I tend to use less of these now and just use images when I need them to make my phoosthop load faster. I have about 500mb of brushes and don’t want to make it any more. Still, a great set!


Wish this worked in Photoshop Elements.

Keith Mason

Do yourself a favour and don’t buy this because:

1) It doesn’t work (I’ve tested it multiple times in CS3 and CS6
2) No one responds to your support question when you ask why it isn’t working

I’m just glad I only wasted $7 and didn’t buy the $49 bundle like I was going to. I won’t be buying from here again!!

Another buyer

it works. read the manual.


the actual stitches are not visible on my shape… that was the whole point of purchasing this product. please tell me how to fix


The stitches are not visible because you’re either using a thin font or you’re applying the effects on a small font. Follow the provided instructions and it will work.


This is a great tool. I was getting excited… but no can do. I have CS2 so it won’t work. what a shame. let me know if you can provide a version of this action compatible with CS2. thank you

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Nov.09, 2012
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