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Vintage Text Styles

What’s this?

It’s a set of Vintage text styles for Adobe Photoshop,designed with the sole purpose of saving time and effort. How? The complex effects that would normally take a few hours to create yourself, can now be applied with just a few clicks. Simply load the styles into the Styles library (double-click the .asl file), select the text you want the effect applied to and click a style. Yes, it’s that easy!

Why do I need it?

The set is designed to complete simple tasks that normally it would take hours to do yourself. It’s so great when you can just get over with the small tasks, such as adding eye-candy and we want to share that greatness with you. If there’s something we’ve learned, it’s that clients only appreciate results, not hard work. That is why we’ve automated the small tasks and now we just to handle the important ones. And we’re sharing our resources with you, for this low price.

So why not download and give them a try?

What’s for grabs?

  • .asl file with the styles shown in the preview



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Mar.13, 2013
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